Larkin Computers Service & Price Changes

Effective Date: December 1,2016

Below are the effected Services & Price changes for all customers of Larkin Computers.

Please note that these changes will be for ALL Larkin Computers customers.


Larkin Computers has never offered discounts in the past. We will now offer, at our discretion, discounts to selected customers that have maintained us as their primary choice for their computers, network, and/or website needs.

Blowout Sales:

Products that have been in stock for more then 2 weeks will be priced to sell quickly. Refurbished computers will be dropped 15% in price, used parts will be dropped 10% in price. Blowout Sales do not include services.

Business Networking:

Larkin Computers will now be adding travel costs to businesses that are not located in the Niagara region. Pricing at $30.00/hour will not change. Minimum charge rate is per 30 minutes. A minimum of 24-hours notice to perform services at your location is required by Larkin Computers.

Remote Assistance:

Larkin Computers have previously charged one rate for both commercial and residential computer services. We will now split this into two services. Remote assistance for personal computers (residential) will be charged $14.40/hour. Remote assistance for business computers (commercial) will be charged $15.40/hour. Minimum charged rate is 30 minutes.

Website Services:

Larkin Computers can not guarantee pricing for Domain Renewal and Website hosting. These prices are given to Larkin Computers from our service provider. They do change their prices frequently. We can only state a fixed price one week before your renewal date. If we quote you a price for Domain Renewal and/or Hosting, this quote would only be good for a maximum 7 days.

Website Creation Services will be $15.00/hour. There will be a $15.00 charge for each logo, photo, and/or banner that we have to create or edit. There will be a charge of $40.00 per page creation.

Website Editing Services will be $15.00/hour; this does not include Database editing. Database editing will be $17.50/hour. There will be a $15.00 charge for each logo, photo, and/or banner that we have to create or edit. There will be a charge of $40.00 per page creation.

All Website Creations and Editing Services will have a Minimum charged rate of 30 minutes.

Website Editing Quotes are very hard as the larger the website, the slower the database may be. Each website is different from one another. When Larkin Computers gives a quote to edit a website it may be off 2-4 hours. We will stop at the hours we quoted you and we will send an email to you to ask if you want us to continue. Note: The quote is only good for the original job you asked us to do, it will be more if you ask for more editing to be done.

Bills: As a website service can be lengthy, the bills from Larkin Computers is generally more then $100.00. This being said, we reserve the right to suspend all editing from any user on a particular website that a bill for editing and/or creating is not paid in full within 14 days of your original billing date. This does not mean that your website can not be viewed or that data will be lost. This does mean that you will not be able to add any new content or edit any existing content.

Domain and Hosting bills MUST be paid before the due date! If these are late your data for your website may be lost and your website may not be viewable.


Larkin Computers will charge HST to all services and products.

We thank you for being a valued customer. If you have any questions please feel free to contact Michael Larkin @ Larkin Computers directly at mike@larkincomputers.ca or call (289)321-0299.

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